October 9, 2018
<10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. EDT

Top-notch customer service and memorable experiences are essential to succeed in the retail garden center business, but they must be supported by proper pricing and profit strategies. In the Increasing Profits and Pricing Virtual Conference, our experts will share pricing strategies that can help you increase profits and explain why it’s important to price based on more than production costs. Dr. Bridget Behe of Michigan State University will share research she has conducted with other industry leaders on pricing strategies and factors to consider when determining what to charge for your products. Jeff Christensen of SummerWinds Nursery will explain why multiple pricing has worked well for the six-store company, with locations in Arizona and California, and what they’ve done to offset increased freight costs. Will Heeman of Heeman’s garden center in Ontario, Canada, will explain how they adjusted prices after their minimum wage increased by about $3 overnight and lessons they’ve learned from pricing snafus.









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